How to Manage and Customize Data Layers

You can choose which layers and backgrounds are visible on your map. To change and customize the layers you see on the map, click the "Edit Map Contents" button in the bottom right corner of the screen. You can also use this button to select from many different basemaps (backgrounds).

Click the button highlighted with the thick red box to open the pop-up window. View the image below to see how to change and customize the layers. To exit the "Edit Map Contents" window, click anywhere on the map area.


You are also able to customize the view of some of the layers. To customize the border or label of a layer, click on the name of the layer in the "Edit Map Contents" window. A new window called "Layer Options" will appear.

You can choose to show and change the view of the border or the label in this window. After you make your changes, click "Apply" at the bottom to save your changes. To go back to the default settings for the layer, click "Reset" at the bottom. To exit the Layer Options window, click the "X" in the top right corner of the window.


To change the basemap (background of the map), click on the Basemaps tab at the top of the "Edit Map Contents" window. Click on one of the available basemaps to change the background of your map. To exit the "Edit Map Contents" window, click anywhere on the map area.



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