Why should I create an Elevate account or use Google or Facebook to login?

Elevate is a smart platform but requires an active account to store your customized maps and preferences. 

Elevate's motto is to do it once and use it often!

For example, you can control items such as:

  • which tools are active when you begin a session
  • what color will be used for selected features
  • what color and labels will be used for features
  • what information will be displayed in the results table
  • what order the layers of information will be displayed in the map contents
  • retaining results when exiting Elevate
  • which maps you will share with other users or social media

If you have any other questions, please contact us at support@elevatemaps.io or give us a call at 855-GIS-3939 (855-447-3939).


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