Purchase a Subscription (mobile)

Some of the counties on Elevate Parcel require a paid subscription. You can view these counties on the app, but you may not be able to access some of the information. To purchase a subscription, follow the instructions below.

Open the app, and navigate to the county you would like to view. Click on an individual parcel, then click the "Parcel Information" tab. An orange pop-up will appear at the top of your screen, notifying you that you need to purchase a subscription to continue. Click the "Purchase" link in that box.


The Elevate Billing site will open in your web browser. Select which plan you would like to purchase. Then, input your credit card information and click "Subscribe."

9.jpg      10.jpg

*NOTE: Your card will be charged each month, quarter, or year (depending on your subscription) until you cancel your subscription.


Click "Continue" to finish subscribing.


You will then be able to view information for parcels in that county. Happy Mapping!

If you have additional questions or any concerns, please reach us at: support@elevatemaps.io.

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