How to export data in CSV or Excel format

In Elevate you have the option to export all your results in either CSV or Excel format. 


To do that follow the directions below:

1) First, make your selection either by using the Quick Search, Advanced Search Toolboxes, or by using any of the selection tools under your name in the top right hand of your screen. 


2)  Your results will appear at the bottom of your screen.

3) Next, select what data you would like exported, if you like all the results exported, click on Select All to select all records. To select specific parcels click on the box next to each parcel to only select those parcels. 

4) Once you have made your selection, click on the Download button, type in the File Name, then choose if you like to download your results as Excel or CSV format. 

*NOTE: If you do not see your download, check to see if you have your pop-up blocker turned on, please turn your pop-up blocker off to allow downloads. 

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