How to Navigate in Elevate

This help document will cover the most common tools in Elevate. The most common tools in Elevate are the tools that appear on the main screen once you log into the website that are located in the top right and bottom right corners of the screen.



Toolbar in the Top Right Corner

The tools in the top right corner of the screen are very helpful when navigating and making selections on the map. The tools (in order from left to right) include:
      - Pan: click and drag the map
      - Zoom-in: click an area on the map to zoom into it
      - Zoom-out: click the map to zoom out
      - Select using a Point: click a parcel or feature to select
      - Select using a Line: draw a line along many features to select
      - Select using a Polygon: select many features within an area by drawing a polygon 



Toolbar in the Bottom Right Corner

The top button in the bottom right corner (if you hover over the button, it says "Edit Map Contents") allows you to change what Data Layers are visible on your map, and also allows you to select from many different Basemaps.

Click the button highlighted with the thick red box to open the pop-up window. View the image below, which explains how to change the visible Data Layers on your map.


The image below shows the other quick tools located in the bottom right corner of the screen. The three tools highlighted with the red box allow you to quickly zoom in or out on the map.

Click the globe button (Zoom to Full Extent) to zoom out to view the entire map. Click the "+" button to quickly zoom into your current frame, and click "-" to quickly zoom out.


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